Monday, 15 April 2013


Premium Beautiful Foundation Lingerie is not a normal lingerie that you see in shopping mall but it is an adjustable undergarment, exclusively custom-made for modern woman.  It is specially designed based on medical science, aesthetics and ergonomic analysis.  with precise tailor-engineering studies, it helpf to adjust, rectify body posture & body fats.

In comparison to ordinary undergarments, Premium Beautiful is ideal for body re-shaping.  with the use of high elasticity of fine fabric mesh coupled with Far-Infrared Ray technology, Premium Beautiful series are uniquely comfortable, breathable, anti-bacterial and exclusively designed with body sculpting care system.

Premium Beautiful series undergarment helps to promote... better blood circulation and stimulate production of cells to prevent body deformation.  moreover it helps to repair or delay body aging process too.

  • promote blood circulation and metabolism with farinfrared ray and three-dimensional ergonomic design.
  • excellent in sweat absorption and ventilation,hydrophilic as well as unique efficacy of heat reduction.
  • unique 360 degrees stretchable elastic panel allow body to move freely without distortion.
  • far-infrared ray enhance development and firmness of breast,sweat absorption and ventilation.

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