Saturday, 2 November 2013

An entrepreneur always see a big pictures in their mind....

Credit to : Jasmin Halim

Me with Kak Lily one of my big inspirer… i'm speechless how to describe her  successful 

Suka sangat dengan luahan someone yg dah berkerjaya meninggalkan position dia and now again dia berjaya juga dalam bisnes...
Betullah.. apa org nak kata pedulikan... memang sakit je hati dengar, tapi takpelah kita ingat balik apa tujuan kita nak berbiznes ni... orang tak tau tak rasa apa yg kita inginkan.. diri kita je yg tentukan segalanya..
Jom baca luahan pretty Lily@Jasmin Halim.. i adore her.. she is one of my inspirer dalam TLC selain Salleha Roslan....
Lets read:-

Ok lah like this. No holds barred. I tell you the truth nothing but the truth. 
I hear you when you said "I nak buat biz, but I want to sell things I love. 
I don't want to sell corset or collagen or sabun ketiak." 

Hey, I get you. Let me ask you first 
" do you have ANY experience doing biz before?" 
If you don't, hear me out. 

I ikutkan hati nak jual buku because that's what I love. 
Sure I like the corset, 
I drink the collagen 
and I sabun my whole family with the sabun ketiak.
 But that's doesn't mean I'm so passionate about it that I sleep with my corset or swim in my collagen.

 Here's where I think the logic of this biz.
 It has value beyond the products.
 Whilst the products are good, highly sellable, I'm not doing it just to sell and get the money of out it. I'm here for the value the business has to offer:

* complete learning and exposure in business with structured marketing and sales approach, strong support system from business leadership and mentorship to team building. So it makes perfect sense for me to pass this through before I go on dabbling on my own developing my ultimate biz dream plan. Lesser risk of failure when we know the tricks and trades in the business.

* business can sustain when we're here to bring values to people. So again its not about the sales we make through the products, its the benefits they gain, its about helping out someone who was bedridden for so long to be able to sit up and walk around, its about helping out someone who's been so inferior about her looks to develop her inner strength and self confidence and so many others which made us feel so humbled by these valuable experiences. Our products and biz did that and will continue to touch a lot of people out there.
*in ANY business, you need network to thrive. What best to teach you to build networking than the networking biz itself? In 2 years of doing this biz, I've cross road with so many inspiring entrepreneurs, another valuable experience for me to take in my next phase. I get connected to a lot of moms out there whom helped me in building up my knowledge vault for my dream biz. 

So catch my drift? If not just about the products. Go beyond. Its the stepping stone. Its the knowledge. Its the will. Its the value. See the bigger picture. An entrepreneur always sees the big picture in mind.

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