Monday, 21 July 2014


Assalamualaikum semua..
Kalau selalunya i update semua business related, malam ni tiba2 nak tulis pasal blogger yg top di Malaysia. Why? bukan nak dapat popularity tapi i should now make my blog interesting to read other than business inspired only.
at first memang create blog ni tu share main purpose pasal business sebab kitorang in TLC main factor adalah BLOG or social media yg lain.. so bila our mentor touch on this topic baru i realize and mula la nak mengenali siapa yg top 10 blogger in Malaysia… 

well bila dah google..omg ramai rupanya and most of them gunakan blog ni for sharing activity sehari je pun, and macam tempt sembang2.. or medium chatting or lebih jugak kepada story telling… hmmm interested and again i notice i memang la tak pandai nak "story telling" macam top blogger ni… but as i went thru diorang nye blog and read ..heii and yes it is interesting and yes this is the way to interact with other ppl who has the same interest "BLOGGING" 

and i impress betul, followers diorang ni gila nye ramai.. how come i did not notice all this..tu la quite late for me, but never too late for me to know all about this …ya social blogging… it's fun.. it's beneficial and lebih best ada orang nak follow blog kita and share interest… tu yg best! 

memang i gunakan blog ni sebagai website business i tapi i should learn more and should update myself more on "blogging" tak de la boring or tak de la bosan nak update apa hari2 … 

nanti sambung lagi k.. 

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